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Sapporo Siryokan(Former Sapporo Court) Renovation Design Competition, 1st Prize

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The Sapporo Siryokan Renovation Design Competition took place as a part of SIAF2014 (Sapporo International Art Festival).
This Siryokan was built in 1926 as a Sapporo Court of Appeals and was registered as the first cultural property of Hokkaido in 1997. And now, this historical building is used as the Museum and Archives of Sapporo city.
The competition required the new program and design as a cultural hub for the ‘Creative City Sapporo’.

We proposed the extension of the art factory to create new cultures by citizens and artists. Our aim is to create opportunities that would allow citizens to join in on the creative activity by revealing the creation processes of art. We thought that this makes the Siryokan to be the hub of creativity in Sapporo.

In order to prevent damaging the historical environment of the Siryokan and its garden, we keep the height of extension as low as possible and build it while avoiding the trees in the garden.

From the art factory on the semi-basement, visitors can see green trees and the sky. The walls look similar to bare ground and has the feel of inner soil. Therefore, despite the fact that this art factory is built in the center of the city, this space exudes atmosphere surrounded by nature.

Because the walls are placed inside the central space to create divisions, the quality of each space varies greatly. The open central part is for workshops in which everyone can participate, and the semi-separated parts on the periphery is the studio for artists. The interactions between workshop and studios enhance creativity.

From the garden and roof terrace, visitors can view and experience the creative activity taking place inside the art factory including a sculpture being carved, a painting being sketched, a rehearsal of a small concert taking place, and so on. The backstage of art production that can be seldom seen stimulate creative activity while enhancing participation, causing the artwork produced in this factory to spread into Sapporo.

We believe that this creative activity from the new Siryokan becomes the new culture in Sapporo.

Address : Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Program : Art Factory, Exhibition, Library
Jury : Ryuichi Sakamoto (SIAF 2014 Guest Director),
Jun Aoki, Aya Sakai, Masayuki Waku, Mitsuhiro Takemura  

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